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EDROL Edyta Krzemińska

Czerwonka-Parcel 47E
96-500 Sochaczew
T/F +48 46 880 70 16
Mobile +48 794 303 334

About us


EDROL Company was established in 2008. Initially, its activity was mainly focused on distribution of steel products. Owing to the company's dynamic development, by the end of 2009 we have extended our offer by all sort of welding, reinforcement and assembly services.

EDROL is an attractive and solid partner in business both for retail customers and for bigger investors and contractors. With the intention of meeting the expectations of our customers, we still broaden the scope of our services. We pay attention to the variety and high quality of our products and always aim at satisfying our customers' needs in the best possible way.

We offer our services both as a contractor and sub-contractor. We provide efficient execution of complex orders as well as our employees leasing with all the equipment.

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