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EDROL Edyta Krzemińska

Czerwonka-Parcel 47E
96-500 Sochaczew
T/F +48 46 880 70 16
Mobile +48 794 303 334

Assembly and disassembly of high-storage systems

Since 2011 we have been dealing with all sort of high-storage systems namely assembling and disassembling high-storage racks. We perform our services around the whole Europe. We earned our customers' trust thanks to our commitment, reliability and delivering within the deadline. Our employees are professionals with long-term experience which enables us to meet our contractors' expectations. Our employees with the variety of tools and professional equipment are mobile and available on customer's request.

We offer:

  • assembling of all sort of high-storage systems,
  • disassembling and reassembling of high-storage systems in target places,
  • repair of high-storage systems,
  • periodic reviews of high-storage systems.
  • service of high storage systems.

The experience we have already gained helps us to meet all the needs of our customers.

We are mobile and operate in Poland and abroad in all European countries.

We offer teams of professional welders and reinforcement workers equipped with the latest welding tools.

It is also possible to lease our employees with the equipment.

Assembly and disassembly of high-storage systems Assembly and disassembly of high-storage systems Assembly and disassembly of high-storage systems
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